how to screenshot on Motorola DEFY

Taking a screenshot on the Motorola DEFY is as simple as pressing buttons or swiping the screen.
As with most Android phones, you can take a screenshot on the Motorola DEFY using the physical buttons on the phone.

Most Android phones that supports screenshots uses one of these methods:

1. Hold down the the Power and Home buttons at the same time.

2. Hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time.

Some phones will make a camera shutter sound.When hear the camera shutter sound indicating that the screenshot has been saved.

Since the introduction of the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Android operating system, any device can take a screenshot of what is currently being displayed.

Other Options
The older android devices (with Android 2.3 and below OS) werent capable of taking screenshots.

Where no native method exists for taking screenshots on the Motorola DEFY, you have a few options.

1) See if your Motorola DEFY supports one of the screenshot apps searched in the Play Store such as: No Root Screenshot It, Screenshot Ultimate, or Screenshot UX, and read their instructions carefully.

2) You can also root your Motorola DEFY using Googles Android SDK (Software Development Kit). This then enables the ability to capture screenshots. Non-techies may find this difficult and risky.